I was once Kim F. Then, I decided to get married. I ditched the middle name given to me, slid the “F” to the middle, and added that other name, Gray, to the end of it. But Kim F. is still very relevant to all that I am. It’s the cake before I added the “gray ” icing. It’s also the acronym for Keep It Moving Fitness, the fitness brand that I created (before marriage and kids), and grew to impact hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.  Life as a wife and a mother taught me a few things.  Those lessons are why Gray (that other name) is so important and so beautiful. Gray, my newest name, is the space between black and white, known and unknown, success and failure… I found peace there. That space is the womb where my words are conceived.  Graylove.com is my stage and the place where my writing is born and lives.

I am also part owner and brainchild of Kgray Media, LLC. We are content creators. The other owner is my husband, Kerry Gray…Filmmaker extraordinaire. Together we dissect ideas, dreams, and whiteboards to bring brand visions to life.

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